How to Clean and Care for your Area Rug

cleaning area rug

Cleaning an area rug is something that should be done with care and consideration.  Afterall, a rug isn’t something you purchase everyday and to help it last longer, you want to take good care of it.  So, where do you start?

The first thing you should keep in mind is what type of rug do you have.  Different materials have different qualities and tolerances. 
Leather, nylon, olefin, synthetic, sisal, and wool are all unique in their own way and should be treated so. Click on the links to read about some of the defining charactertics of each.

For everyday care, basically to pick up dirt and dust, use a vacuum. You’d be surprised how far this will go in preserving the look of your rug. Once a year you need to have your area rug steam cleaned by a professional. For spot cleaning, always blot! Never scrub at your area rug as often times this makes the spot worse. For more helpful tips on cleaning your rug visit