Mary Kate and Ashley Rugs

Mary Kate and Ashley Rugs
Mary Kate and Ashley are business moguls who seem to have a hand on what the kids want.  It’s apparent since Mary Kate and Ashley rugs by Shaw are among the best selling kids rugs on and across the entire rug industry.  Their collection features fun and funky rugs that are brightly colored with fun patterns.  There are also two different lines within their collection, prints- which feature many of the fun patterns mentioned and Mary Kate and Ashley shags.  The shag collection is mostly solid colors but that doesn’t mean they’re boring-  Really Red Shag and Green Apple are a couple of the bright colors that have settled within this collection.

Personally, this rug from the Mary Kate and Ashley prints is my favorite:
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

It is called Earth and Sky.

Andy Warhol Area Rugs

Andy Warhol, world-renowned American artist, is still influencing art and culture today.   Stretching as far as the rug industry, his designs have turned into some of the most popular contemporary area rugs.   These well know designs can be seen through four different collections:

I just picked one rug from each collection to showcase.

Horizon Andy Warhol Factory Series rug Andy Warhol Factory Series. This rug is named Horizon.
profile andy warhol pop abstracts rug Andy Warhol Pop Abstracts. This rug is named Profile.
matchstick rug andy warhol signature series rug Andy Warhol Signature Series. This rug is named Matchsticks Black.
Couture Andy Warhol Simply Andy Andy Warhol Simply Andy. This rug is named Couture.

Animal Print Rugs

In learning more about the rug industry one thing that really surprised me is how much people search for animal print rugs.  Maybe not as surprised by the number of searches for the broad term as by the amount of people looking for a specific type of animal print.  For example, Zebra Rugs gets more searches than almost anything else.   Out of those the below rug made by United Weavers of America is almost always clicked on.

zebra rug

It is part of the safari collection which features some other animal print rugs such as leopard and tiger print.  Also in this collection are some unique rugs featuring animals on them such as elephants, horses, eagles and wolves.  

We have a large assortment so stop by and check them out!

Kids Rugs

Wanting to add something new to the nursery or kids playroom?  A kids rug is the perfect way to change the look and feel of a room without breaking the bank.  We offer over 400 different childrens rugs from well known manufacturers and collections. 

Cub in a Tub rug          

The above rug is called “Cub in a Tub” and is in the Rug Market Girls/Boys collection.     Green is a color commonly used for both boy & girl rooms so this rug is a great choice for any nursery.

Pirates! rug

Olive Kids designs, such as the Pirates! rug above, are super popular right now.  We have 24 different styles of Olive Kids Rugs which match their bedding and other accessories. 

Sports themes are very popular with decorating as well.  Some of the most popular searches for sports rugs include baseball, football and basketball.

basketball rug

Mizzou vs. Oklahoma

Maybe it’s just the excitement of being from Missouri and having Mizzou ranked #1 in the country and going to the Big 12 Football Championship, but it kind of makes me want to buy a Mizzou Rug in support of them!

Mizzou Rug

Of course if you’re an Oklahoma fan, we have OU rugs too.

University of Oklahoma rugs

No matter who you root for, you can browse all of our college rugs on

Stainmaster Rugs

Stainmaster Area Rugs

Stainmaster Area Rugs  

Some of the area rugs we carry on are protected by Stainmaster. You might be asking yourself- What some of the advantages of having a Stainmaster rug? Well, right off the bat all of these rugs go through performance and wear testing. But the main feature is that Stainmaster rugs have built-in fiber technology that repels spills and soil.

Milliken Rugs

The Pastiche Collection Rugs made by Milliken all include Stainmaster technology and are a great value.   Shop all Milliken rugs now.  Shop around and come back to buy from us.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and competitive prices.

Christmas Rugs

Christmas is one of the easiest holidays to decorate for.  From Santa to snowmen, has a great assortment of Christmas Rugs to help you get in the holiday spirit!

Santa Rug- Up on the Housetop

One new feature on is a section on the site devoted to only seasonal rugs and since I was a little late letting you know about the selection of Halloween rugs we have, I thought I’d give you plently of time to check out our Christmas rugs.  I wanted to show you a couple of my favorites.

Christmas Snowman Rug

The above rug is called “Polar Pals” and is part of Milliken’s seasonal rug collection.  Also made by Milliken, the below rug is called “Santa and Friends”. 

Santa and Friends Rug

Both of these rugs come in a few different sizes and make decorating for the holidays a snap.  We have lots of different Christmas rugs to choose from along with a great assortment of other holiday rugs. Go ahead and compare us to other sites, we give you the same if not more competitive prices, plus we never charge you a processing fee! Order now to so it can be shipped to you (free shipping too!) on time!